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Monday, 22 October 2007
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General Moeen U Ahmed Sunday depicted the government's success stories such as a free judiciary and reforms to the Election Commission and Bangladesh Public Service Commission. In a speech to Bangladeshi expatriates at Holbrook in Boston, the army chief referred to the efforts to make a voter list with pictures. Moeen said: 'Many things may happen before the national elections in 2008.' The general came up with a fable.
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<< Report Type: Corruption  
  Report Name: Long Saga of Corruption in Bangladesh  
  Price: BDT Tk. 150 USD $ 8

All the governments since the country?s independence had committed to establish good governance and eliminate corruption, but there have so far been little efforts to address the issues of improving governance, strengthening accountability and ensuring transparency.

Transparency International (TI), a German-based anti-corruption watchdog, has found Bangladesh for the fourth consecutive time as one of the world's most corrupt nation. Corruption not only bruises the country's image, but it also remains to be a stumbling block in the way to development of the country.

The fundamental problem that relates to corruption in Bangladesh is the dominance of the vested interests, irrespective of changes in the political hues in the power matrix. The remedies to improve transparency and reduce corruption should not have been impossible. But those who are to do the job are in no mood to appreciate the fact that bold governance reforms are good politics that earns the electorate's support in an unalloyed manner. 

Even of late, the alliance government has formed an independent Anti-corruption Commission in the face of pressure by the donor agencies, but the anti-graft body still remains to be a non-strater due to conflict between its chairman and members.

NewsNetwork has been closely monitoring the state of corruption in Bangladesh for the last three years and publishing books covering all aspects of the problem. Yet we believe the study is not as comprehensive as it should have been. It has taken help from a number of articles, research papers and publications. We also acknowledge the materials obtained from the Daily Star, The Independent, New Age and other newspapers.

We hope that the study will generate further debate on this subject, leading us to ways to find a permanent solution.

A three-member team of journalists, led by Mahfuzur Rahman, conducted the study. I appreciate them for their hard work. Appreciation is also due to the Norwegian Embassy in Dhaka for its support to publish the study.






Getting back smuggled out wealth and money
British assistance offer welcome
The Anti-Corruption Commission's efforts to strike a deal with Scotland Yard to secure return of money and wealth stashed away abroad by suspected high profile corrupt Bangladeshis, with the famous law enforcement agency's help, have received an impetus. It came with British High Commissioner Anwar Choudhury and Director for Asia at the UK fo
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